Projectworks provides essential information about our business which helps us make better decisions. It is used by everyone in the company and quickly became a mission critical system in driving our business forward.
— Mason Pratt, CEO

A bit about Provoke

Provoke Solutions is a bespoke software development company, with over 100 employees in offices across Wellington, Auckland, Seattle, and recently opening its doors in San Diego. Provoke have a strong emphasis on user experience design and crafting software to enable digital transformation. They are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have been Microsoft's New Zealand Partner of the Year on three occasions.

Provoke’s challenge

Like many software development companies, Provoke had their own bespoke system to manage aspects of their business. They used their own tool for timesheets, booking resourcing and tracking projects. It was meeting most of their needs but required the use of internal resources to maintain, support and develop. With the belief their system would benefit many services businesses, in late 2016 they established a team to rebuild the system from the ground-up as a SaaS offering.

The rebuild was complete in early 2018 with Provoke migrating from their system to Projectworks in April 2018. In April 2019 Projectworks was established as a standalone company with the sole focus of developing the product and attracting customers.

As a services business, Provoke relies on the ability to fully resource their staff to maximise productivity, utilisation and revenue. With customer work across all offices on the rise it was even more important than ever to have the ability to accurately know if they were utilising their workforce effectively. They knew that without seeing the true position of their capacity that they could be missing opportunities or be over committing – both of which could have financial implications for them.

Simplified Services

Provoke have really embraced Projectworks and are using the full breadth of the product. From timesheets to resourcing, financial forecasting to invoicing and even replacing their Human Resources Information System, Projectworks really has helped simplify their business operations.

They now have the most complete picture of their resourcing that they’ve ever had – at an individual, team and office level. Another benefit is the tight integration of Projectworks leave management with resourcing. Leave is instantly represented in resourcing removing the nasty surprises of not knowing that someone has upcoming leave planned.

The forward view of capacity is incredibly helpful and makes it easy to identify opportunity for available capacity from one office to be deployed on projects in another. The true cross company view of resourcing has helped reduce use of external contractors to fill “false gaps” and has lifted staff utilisation across the board. Cross-company resourcing is set to become the norm within Provoke as a recent sale to San-Diego based company, Bridgewest will see them grow exponentially.

Having visibility of real-time resource availability across all our offices helps me get projects underway more quickly. It also improves overall company utilisation, fosters better relationships between offices and provides better margins than engaging contractors.
— Tim McGovern, Delivery & Customer Care Manager

Enabling Scale & Supporting Change

Projectworks is set to scale with the business. Adding new staff is easy and more importantly they are instantly made available within the resource pool, with overall capacity updated. The simple monthly fee price structure provides room for staff numbers to increase at minimal extra cost.

Things can change very quickly in a services business and Projectworks enables us to see, adapt and react to these changes.
— Jemma Stark, Engagement Manager

Everything In One Place

Projectworks is a central hub of all things a services business needs to run their business. Having timesheets, resourcing, forecasting and invoicing maintained in one system means Provoke can always see the latest picture of business performance.

A real strength of Projectworks is how it marries financial forecasts and resource utilisation information together. The combination of this data is crucial in understanding what your month-end result will be – which is a key focus for a services business.

Being able to see updated financial forecasts validated against our work to date and resourcing makes it really clear where my monthly revenue will land. And the gross margin reporting shows the real financial performance, which is the icing on the cake!
— Brendon Ford, COO

our people love it

Project Managers have the tools they need to effectively manage their portfolios, with everyone saying Projectworks is the best system they have used. All staff can submit leave, fill in their timesheet and see their resourcing in a central hub, turning what is often a tedious task into a quick, clean process. Provoke couldn’t be without Projectworks and believe it would be a valuable tool for many services businesses.

The benefit of having a consolidated system cannot be underestimated. Having resourcing, timesheets and financial information all intrinsically linked provides incredibly valuable insight to our business
— Mason Pratt, CEO

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